Seth & Kaz brooks

Seth and Kaz are the founding and current pastors of C3 Church NE Portland. Seth was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and moved to San Diego, California, in 2008. Seth served as a youth pastor, associate pastor and Bible college principal for over twenty years in Perth and San Diego, before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2013. Seth loves road trips, travelling, cafes and good coffee!

E: @seth_brooks99

Kaz was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and has been involved in chaplaincy, pastoral care and kids ministry roles for the past twenty years. Kaz has a degree in Teaching and a Masters in Human Services. Kaz loves sunshine, road trips and spending time with friends. Seth and Kaz have two children and two cats. 

E: @kaz_brooks

Toni 'Mama T' Gatlin

Toni (Mama T) was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Toni is a speaker and author of several Christian books including 'Do You See What I See'?  Toni oversees C3 Community Groups and leads a number of bible study and discipleship groups during the week. To be a part of these mid week groups please contact Toni via email:

Jacob GutierRez

Jacob serves in the role of Worship Director and has been a part of C3 NE PDX for the past three years. He has two young adult children. If you are interested in being a part of the Worship team or want to get involved in serving on Sundays please contact Jacob via email:

Thomas Mullen

Thomas was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and has been involved in leadership in a number of churches in the Portland area over the past 30 years. Thomas has two adult children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Thomas oversees the Welcome team and Hospitality team at C3.  He has a heart to bless people and a passion to build and serve the house of God. To get involved in the Welcome team or Hospitality team please contact Thomas via email:

Shem & psalms Heiple

Shem and Psalms have been a part of the C3 Leadership team for the past three years and are involved in leading a community group, pastoral care and prayer ministries at C3 Church.  They enjoy bike riding, skiing and gardening and have one child. To contact Shem and Psalms email