C3 Food pantry

C3 Food Pantry is open as an essential community service! 

Location: 6120 NE 57th Ave., Portland, OR 97218

(corner of NE 57th Ave. and NE Portland Hwy.)

Hours: Tuesdays & Saturdays 12 pm - 1 pm (Drive Through)

ID not required

Line starts at 57th and Holman

Foods Available: Free food boxes include dry goods, fresh produce, dairy, eggs and meat as supplies are available

Quantities: Each vehicle can pick up food for a total of 3 families

(If you have a friend or family member that does not have a vehicle or is not able to pick up food for themselves but needs food assistance, you are welcome to pick up food for them).

Contact Info:

Phone: 971-600-2337 (C3FP)

Email: pantry@c3nepdx.com

As a partner agency of the Oregon Food Bank, we follow their health, safety and cleaning guidelines. 

To Volunteer at C3 Food Pantry

The C3 Food Pantry is located at 6120 NE 57th Ave. in the C3 Community Center, right across the parking lot from C3 Church NE Portland. 

The C3 Food Pantry works in partnership with the Oregon Food Bank and is run by a team of committed volunteers. 

There are opportunities to serve in a variety of roles from Monday through Saturday, both on distribution days and in preparation for distribution days. 

If you have any questions about C3 Food Pantry or would like to volunteer to help, please contact C3 Food Pantry Director Rachel Schweitzer.

Email: rachel@c3nepdx.com

Phone: 971-600-2337 (C3FP)